What is Re-enactment?

Military reenacting is sort of an “interactive history lesson” for spectators and participants alike. Unlike history books or documentary films, reenacting attempts to provide first-hand experiences of the wide variety of military equipment, the monotony of camp and garrison, and the tragedy and violence of combat.

Living History Group Holland renders the activities of the Allied troops during the WW2 period. This is established by the use of original clothing, vehicles, weapons and field gear. Thus a part of Dutch history is “kept alive”. Within the club several sections can be found which contribute for a total exposure. The club plays an authentic role in commemorations and educational events and can often be found as a link between the audience and WW2 veterans. Living History Group Holland is a member of the Dutch Platform Of Living History (LPLG).

Documentary in cooperation with the Klondikes

Historical accuracy and safety are the most important aspects of modern reenacting.
All re-enactors have a genuine of earnest in the historical periods which they portray, and they work hard to recreate soldiers of yesterday as realistically as possible. To re-create these soldiers correctly requires a lot of research.
Safety is especially vital since various pyrotechnic devices are used to simulate the weapons of an actual battle.

So, if you have ever wondered about the lives of the soldiers of the World War 2, come out and see a reenactment or living history event for yourself.