Organizational structure of the Klondikes

The Klondikes work with a specific organizational structure, to ensure that organized events are clear and well organized. The structure is as follows;


The Headquarters consists of three people, which have experience in the re-enactment world and have been long-time members of the Klondikes. Some of the members of our Headquarters are the founders of the Klondikes. The Headquarters or “HQ” is primarily concerned with the daily management of the group. They also represent the Klondikes in meetings with other reenactment groups and other organizations. They also help with directing the NCOs where necessary.


The team of NCOs currently consists of three persons, these are some younger members who also have years of experience in the re-enactment world. The NCOs are mainly concerned with the organization of events, they help organizing beforehand and during the events. Where the members of the Headquarters mainly stay behind the scenes, the NCOs mainly focus on the direct control of the members in the field.


The members are the other persons who are not part of the Headquarters or the NCOs. Members consist of both older and younger people, a mix of experienced and unexperienced people in the re-enactment world. Some members have specialized in certain functions within the military structure. The Klondikes have access to a complete field hospital, a complete field kitchen and a fully equipped command post including working telephone communication center. All of this is to a large extent purchased by the members themselves, or collected. Thanks to this extensive array of materials, we can offer a complete picture via reproducing an American military camp during World War Two.

HQ and NCOs
HQ and NCOs

The rank structure is also adapted to the organizational structure, this means that the highest ranks are part of the Headquarters and the NCOs. As a new member you start at the Klondikes as an aspirant member as the rank of private. By putting effort into the organization of the Klondikes you can earn yourself promotions.