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Eerde commemoration 2018

WW2 education day Eerde 2018

Liberation festival Brielle 2015

During 2, 3, 4 and May 5, the Klondikes took part in “Bevrijdingsfestival Brielle 2015”. The city was entirely dedicated to the liberation day of 1945. Several historical mock-battles took place in the form of re-enactment. There were also tours with veterans, historic WW2 planes flew over, and there were a liberation market and a liberation celebration. Furthermore, an army camp was built where several demonstrations were shown.

Commemoration Market Garden 2014

A pillar of hundreds of historic military vehicles drove through Brabant and Gelderland in September 2014. The reenactors followed this same route which the allies drove 70 years earlier during Operation Market Garden. The Klondikes presented themselves on the large base camp in Veghel and drove along with vehicles on the former Hell’s Highway. Along the route, they also provided various displays for schools and public in Eindhoven and Grave. The event attracted about one million visitors along the route and at the encampments.