Introducing … The Klondikes

Carli Nelissen – Captain – Headquarter and Founder Klondikes

john van vlaardingen
John van Vlaardingen – 1st Lieutenant – Headquarter

rene groot-kormelink 
Rene Groot Kormelink – Staff Sergeant – Headquarter

robert braam
Robert Braam – 2nd Lieutenant – Kader and werkgroepcoördinator LHGH

mertijn nelissen2
Mertijn Nelissen – 2nd Lieutenant – Kader

mark groeneveld 
Mark Groeneveld – First Sergeant – Kader

jochem blok
Jochem Blok – Sergeant – Kader and Parachute training / Recruitment office

wim lakeman 
Wim Lakeman – Captain

archie backx2 
Archie Backx – 2nd Lieutenant – War Photographer

ed van riemsdijk
Ed van Riemsdijk – Sergeant

guido wilmes 
Guido Wilmes – Corporal – Medic

Bram Kuipers – Techician 5th class – Weapon master

 ron phoelich 
Ron Phoelich – Technician 5th class – Quartermaster

roel van den oever 
Roel van den Oever – Private first class

mitchel van splunter
Mitchell van Splunter – Private first class

mitchel claus 
Mitchel Claus – Private first class – Medic

Tom Duiker – Private first class

vincent wilke
Vincent Wilke – Private – Social Media and Website
thijs groot kormelink
Thijs Groot Kormelink – Private first class – Website

robert hendrik struik 
Robert Hendrik Struik – Private first class

lawrence kelatow
Lawrence Kelatow – Private – Medic and Special effects

Arthur Tak – Private first class

toon evers
Toon Evers – Private

Ferdi Postma – Private first class


Harold Vervoort – Private


Frans van der Loo – Private


Martijn Oostindiën – Private


Cailean Schuster – Private

Joël “Doc Joe” de Bruijn – Private – Medic


Jevon Voeten – Private

Matthijs van Kranenburg – Private

Peter Ottens – Private

Hessel Bruijstens – Private

Luc van Antwerpen – 2nd Lieutenant – War Photographer

Kevin Valentijn – candidate member

Daan Wouters – candidate member

Jeroen Weenink – candidate member