History Klondikes

In 2004, the year of the 60th anniversary of operation Market Garden, the re-enactment group 101AB was founded as a new section of Living History Group Holland. Later this section was named “US-Airborne” to make room for 101AB as well as 82AB. The founders René van Oirschot and Carli Nelissen discovered that the efforts of 101AB-501PIR in WW2 did not receive the attention it deserved. From that moment on they paid special attention to 501PIR by forming the “klondikes” platoon. This platoon has a special attention for the 501PIR history in Holland, but also for their campaigns in Normandy and Bastogne. “Klondike” was the code name of the 501 PIR. The Klondikes got involved in the commemorations at the Windmill in Eerde which played a special role in the “corridor” battles during operation Market Garden. Several events have been organized to present living history to public and youth. This way we are able to pass history to our next generation and honor the victims of World War 2, both civilian and military. They paid the ultimate price for todays freedom and re-enactment is one of the ways to remember them. untitled-7243 untitled-7245