Events 2018

Klondike / LHGH events
20 January Elshout Klondikes member meeting / New Year’s reception
3 February member meeting LHGH
7-8 July Battlefield tour
25-26 August Klondikes weekend / BBQ
18 November Klondikes day
14-16 December Ardennen Battlefield tour

Events Netherlands
17–18 March 101st AB trainingweekend
6-8 April Annen Operation Amherst
4–5 May Event choice will be announced later
June Overloon Sante Fé
9 September Eerde Airborne walking tour
14–16 September Son Operation Market Garden
17 September Eerde commemoration 501st monument
18 September Eindhoven Defilé
28–30 September Heeswijk Kasteel Heeswijk bevrijd
12–14 October Heteren The Island

Events outside of The Netherlands
24 February Trois-Ponts België Footsteps 82nd Airborne
20–22 April Pipping Ford Park Engeland Tactical event
June Normandy Angoville-au-Plain
1–2 September Mons België Tanks in Town
November Operation Herbstnebel

Military Fairs
25 March KTR fair Gorinchem
29 April Ciney